Auto Window Tint

Ten Reasons To Tint Your Vehicle Windows

1.) Save Money – Paying less at the pump is every drivers dream. The reality is that reducing the interior heat of your vehicle cabin lessens the load on your air conditioning system which in turn improves fuel economy.

2.) Comfort – Whether driving solo or car-pooling, window film helps maintain a cooler cabin temperature on sunny days. This is especially important for parents transporting small children and infants.

3.) Health – Window film is very much like wearing sunscreen. It provides a protective barrier between you and the well-documented, harmful effects that UVA and UVB radiation can have on your eyes and skin.

4.) – Vehicles today are commonly installed with laminated safety glass, but a quality window film helps hold together shattered windows caused by collisions or flying objects.

5.) – The ability to see road hazards is vitally important when operating a motor vehicle. A low sun, snowfields, reflective buildings and oncoming headlights can severely restrict your field of vision. Window tinting greatly enhances visibility by reducing glare or eliminating it altogether.

6.) Deterrence – Tinted glass obscures the contents of your parked vehicle’s interior from the eyes of strangers. While darkened windows provide no guarantee they do deter potential break-ins.

7.) Resale Value – Continued exposure to direct sunlight damages the interior of your vehicle. Vinyl can eventually crack or fade. Fabric upholstery will discolor. Leather becomes susceptible to drying and splitting. The useful life of audio components is shortened. Window film can prevent these conditions form impairing the market value of your vehicle.

8.) Acoustics – Window film adds a layer of sound insulation between the vehicle cabin and ambient road noise. It improves the acoustic environment for music, eases conversation or simply creates a quieter ride.

9.) Privacy – We live in an increasingly transparent world. Window tinting can provide if only a modest reprieve from the relentless scrutiny of society.

10.) Aesthetics – Sometimes it’s not about functionality. Adding just the right amount of window tint can create a custom, cool look for your automobile, truck or SUV.