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Enjoy the Benefits of Window Film at Your Business

Bakersfield Tint’s line of window film offers protection and comfort

“Save Energy, Enhance Security & Increase Comfort”

Let’s face it, you’re in business to make money. Successful enterprises are not only cost-efficient, they invest wisely. They maintain safe and comfortable working conditions for employees. Profitable companies create a retail experience conducive to sales.

They provide associates and clients with office space promoting productivity. Professionally installed window tinting addresses all of these business concerns.



Limits fading of draperies and floors









Frequently Asked Questions

What is window tint?

Window film is a polyester film generally made of PET, Polyethylene Teraphthalate, the same polymer used to manufacture water bottles, for example. Most films are applied to the interior surface of a glass window in a home, commercial building, or car. They have a scratch resistant coating on the outer surface to protect the film.

There are many types of window films. Some are clear and feature multiple layers of PET to offer protection from shattering glass; others are tinted with metals, dyes or pigments to reduce the visible light transmitted through the glass, and block heat coming through from the sun. There are even decorative window films that can replicate the look of frosted glass or etched patterns.

What is safety film?

Safety films are window films that have many benefits depending on your choice of film. They can hold shattered glass in place to offer protection from threats like burglary attempts, graffiti, wind-born debris and natural disasters.

How is window film installed?

The installation process starts with us thoroughly cleaning your windows to remove even the smallest pieces of dirt. A piece of film is cut roughly to the size of your window, its release liner is removed, and an application solution is sprayed on the film’s adhesive to activate it. The application solution is also sprayed on the window. Then the film is installed on the glass, and the installer squeegees all the application solution out from between the glass and film. The installer will also do some final edge trimming to ensure the film fits perfectly.

How long does it take to cure?

When the installer squeegees out the application solution during installation, it is nearly impossible to get every drop of solution out. Thus there is a drying time (cure time) for the film, during which the remaining application solution between the film and glass evaporates. During this time, the film is still performing to its full solar control and safety capabilities. However it is common to see bubbles, haze, streaks, and other visual defects in the film as it cures. This is completely normal, and these will disappear as the film dries out.

The amount of time for the film to fully cure can vary drastically. If it is a dark solar control film on a south or west facing window in a hot climate in summer, the film can be completely cured within a few days. However if it is a heavy gauge safety film installed on a north facing window in wintertime, it’s not uncommon for the curing process to last over a month. Remember though that the film will perform as designed during the drying time, the bubbles and streaks are purely cosmetic.

After tinting how do I clean my windows?

days before cleaning after the film is installed. When cleaning, follow the following procedure:

Use a soft clean cloth, soft paper towel, or clean synthetic sponge. Normal scrubbing with these materials is fine, but make sure not to scrub aggressively with anything abrasive.

Use any normal glass cleaning solution which contains no abrasive materials. Typical off-the-shelf glass cleaners are acceptable. Use a soft cloth or squeegee for drying the window.

How long will the film last?

This depends on the film type, glass type, window construction, orientation and geographical location of the building. All of our films are covered by a warranty for some specified time. Most installations receive either a 10 or 15 year warranty

Will window tint stop my furniture from fading?

Window film will significantly reduce the amount of fading on interior furnishings. It’s nearly impossible to eliminate all risk of fading though.

Will window tint affect our plants?

In most cases if a plant is already receiving adequate light, the use of window film will not harm it. New growth or flowering may be retarded, and the plant may take a few days to adjust to the light change. If a particular plant normally wilts by the end of a sunny day, it can actually thrive better with film installed. Although there are some obvious guidelines in determining what, if any, effect window film will have on a plant (for instance, dark green plants need less light than lighter colored ones), there is one sample test which can be done prior to film installation: simply move the plant to an area with less sunlight for a few days. In addition, most nurseries can advise you whether a particular plant needs closer to maximal or minimal light.

Let Us Help

Commercial Tint Inquiry

Auto Tint

The sun in Bakersfield has no mercy. It attacks the interior surfaces of your car while it sits, and driving can be an unpleasant experience both with visibility and hot surfaces. Bakersfield Tint offers a full array of window film solutions for cars, trucks, boats and RV’s.

Residential Tint

We offer a full line of reflective and non-reflective solar control window film that will protect, enhance and make your energy use more efficient. Our team will perform a quick and efficient installation without the inconvenient disruption of your daily business activity.

Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film is a patented clear paint protection film technology that protects your vehicles’ vulnerable painted surface. Also known as a ‘clear bra’, our clear film protects against: Chips from small stones, sand, winter salt, minor impacts, road debris, insect stains and scratches.


What our customers have to say about us

Great customer service. Damon Davis (owner) always has my cars done on time and is very professional. He is great at window tinting as well as “wrapping” cars. I have taken all my cars to him and will continue to in the future

Jennifer F. Yelp

Bakersfield Tint has tinted my vehicles for the last 18 years. I love the service they provide and have never had an issue. That have tinted office spaces and houses also in those 18 years. A great shop and great owner. Thanks again Damon for all the years of tinting and always being there for me.

Reuben A. Yelp

Took my Benz to Bakersfield Tint, Dropped the car off with no appointment and I was told it was going to be done at 3pm. I work near by and asked if it could be dropped off and the girl at the front desk worked with me. Great place, Great tint. Can’t beat that.!

Jose A. Yelp


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